About ThylaSing

ThylaSing was formed in July, 2017, as an a cappella vocal ensemble designed to give talented and experienced singers an exciting and innovative group to sing and perform with.

At any one time we have about 16 singers in the group, covering all voice types. We sing music in at least 4 parts, and often in 5 or 6 parts and up to 8 sometimes! Most of our members read music well and can sight-sing to various levels of ability. We learn music quickly and work hard to polish and refine pieces. As a group we work quite collaboratively, with each singer feeling able to suggest ideas or solutions to musical problems.

Our repertoire is mostly contemporary, but we do sing music in other styles. Everything we sing is unaccompanied and we enjoy the challenge of performing everything from memory.

The Musical Director is Aaron Powell, and he is assisted by Hannah Powell and Jeremy Just. The musical directors have a wealth of experience in various performing and directing capacities, and also sing in the group.

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